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Oranjudio is an independent recording studio that specializes in recording musicians in an open floor plan environment, not unlike the natural perforamative setup. When building Oranjudio we aimed to create a space where the atmosphere can take on many different forms, while acting as a creative shell for the artist. Oranjudio promotes quality over quantity, investing in relationships with artists. Recording sessions are viewed as a collaboration that produces not only something the artist is happy with, but also a product that strengthens Oranjudio's portfolio.


To provide a professional environment that suits both commercial and personal audio while allowing freedom and creativity to take precedence over pre-conceived practices/notions.

Oranjudio team

Drew Bullock, Producer + Engineer

Beginning with the guitar at age 10, bass guitar at 12 and multi-track recording at 13, his lifelong interests in both the artistic and technical aspects of music began at a very early age. He began his professional career as an audio engineer at age 17 when he recorded a full-length record for the band Twenty Four Idaho. He quickly found himself propelled into a fascinating position as a recording engineer; making records for bands he didn't feel he was yet qualified to work with. Through word of mouth he was hired full time at a local television network. This allowed for a more diverse portfolio and the opportunity to work on some noteworthy projects. These include editing and mixing 46 episodes of 'Bananas', a stand-up comedy show, for Sony International, assistant editing on a children's show for two seasons of, 'Taylor's Attic', and writing the opening/closing credits for 'Comedy At Large'.

Joey Gurwin, Producer

Joey Gurwin paid his dues as a professional musician before making the move behind the console. He studied Ethnomusicology at Kent State University where he honed his skills as a world percussionist, performing with the Kent State African Drum Ensemble. He has since performed locally and regionally as an afro-cuban percussionist with a number of groups, as well as a session player for countless other projects. His first work on a full length record came in 2007 with BKFB. He has since recorded for CHBG, and countless local Hip Hop artists. Joey has made a name for himself locally not only as a musician and engineer, but as a visible and active member of the local music community. With experience (on both sides of the glass) in all genres from Jazz to Bluegrass, Joey’s ability to work creatively with all artists is his strong suit. Taking a collaborative approach to production and engineering, he produces a mix to be enjoyed by everyone.

Brandon Maclean, Producer + Engineer

Brandon is currently composing this section. It is due sooner rather than later.

Recording services

The space

Here at Oranjudio it's all about the rooms. The sound of many classic recordings can be attributed to the space they were recorded in. When creating layouts for the rooms, the live room took absolute precedence. Our goals: to make drums sound larger than life, to fit a small string section comfortably, and maintain separation when needed. At nearly 800 square feet with eleven-foot ceilings, it is one of the largest live rooms in central Ohio. There are also two isolation booths, one large enough for drums, should there be a need to record in a more modern set-up.

The mixing room is acoustically sound and comfortable enough for the entire band to relax between takes. Wireless Internet is available so bring your laptop. Feel free to stare at all the bright lights, but don't touch the knobs and buttons.


Oranjudio is an all-purpose audio facility. With experience in both commercial and personal audio, our team will cater to your specific needs. Commercial composition, arrangement, and production are made possible with collaboration. We are not a mastering facility, but have ties to many throughout the country should there be a need.


At Oranjudio you will find a collection of modern and vintage professional audio tools and instruments. Highlights include a Toft ATB 24 Console, meticulously maintained MCI JH-110 1" 8-track reel-to-reel, Baldwin 5'8" Grand Piano, Hammond A-100 Organ with Leslie, and over 20 microphones including Neumann, AEA, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure and others. For a more detailed equipment list, please send a request to info@oranjudio.com.

Rates + pricing

Studio sessions are available on an hourly basis, for pricing please email info@oranjudio.com. During tracking time, all of the studio's resources will be made available to ensure the best quality product and use of time. Mixing rates vary and are determined on a case by case basis.

Studio sessions

In the short amount of time we have been in business we have had the pleasure of working with corporate clients, Victoria Secret, La Senza, Turner Broadcasting (Adult Swim), Battelle for Kids and many more. Artists we have worked with include Wonz, The Royal Tycoons, Wing and Tusk, Bigshot, Old Hundred, The Mighty Mighty, The Bernards, Paul Vertucci, I Am Mute, Way Yes, The Blinds, Temple Vail, South Jordan and local music production companies including Fermata Music. Check back soon for a detailed account of some of our sessions.

Contact us

Location + directions

Oranjudio is located at 1400 Holly Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. The studio is generally open from 9am to 10pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday, however off-hour sessions can be arranged. Please contact us by phone (614-832-0493) or email (info@oranjudio.com) with any questions.


At Oranjudio we are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who have a desire to learn and collaborate with others. We are currently accepting applications for an internship position. Please send your resume, and any examples of your work to jobs@oranjudio.com.

Recent news

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